Touch and Inspire

The Ten words to Touch and Inspire

                                         The most selfish one letter word 
                                                              - Avoid it
                             The most satisfying two letter word 
                                                             - use it.
                              The most Poisonious three letter word 
                                                              - Kill it
                              The most used four letter word 
                                                              - Value it
                               The most pleasing five letter word
                                                              - keep it
                                The fastest spreading six letter word
                                                              - ignore it
                                 The hardest working seven letters word
                                                              - Achieve it
                                  The most En-viable eight letter word
                                                              - Distance it
                                  The most powerful nine letter word
                                                                - Acquire it
                                   The most essential ten letter word 
                                                                   - Trust it

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