Inspiring love Image quotes

When I am with you,I 
wish I could stop time so
I could spend forver
with you & never have to leave your company....

Don't Judge me 
when you don't 
Know me

I want you to be mine forever...
Your kiss is my drug...

I hate you for leaving me all alone

Your hug is my addiction & your kiss is my drug

MY heart stopped beating since you left
Staying Right next to u is where i wanna be.
Your love keeps my heart beating...
My Attitude is based on how you Treat me...

 I Am nothing special of This I am
sure.I am Just A Common MAn With
Common Thoughts.There Are NO Monuments Dedicated To me And My Name Will Soon Be Forgotten. But
I've Loved Another With All My
Heart And a Soul. And To me That Has 
Always Been Enough. Love ImmI

I am not useless, I can be used as a Bad Example

Nothing lasts forever,
So live it up, drink it down,
Laugh it off avoid the bullshit,
take chances,
& never have regrets,
because at one point,
everything you did was exactly 
what you wanted - LOVE

When you are with me I feel perfect. 
The secret to friendship is to be a good listener. 

Love to hear what you think!

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