The marriage wise advice

Don’t talk bad about your husband. To anyone. Ever.
And the reverse is true too. Husbands, protect your wife when she isn’t around. Don’t ever badmouth her or let anyone else do this.
You are a team. Anyone who gossips about your spouse to you is breaking you down as a union and a threat to your happy marriage. That person needs to be corrected or avoided, not condoned or humored. If they can rudely tear down your spouse, you can rudely cut them off and tell them disrespecting your mate is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated. If you are weak and allow it, your mate won’t be able to rely on you or your relationship, won’t trust you or have faith in you, and outsiders will see your marriage as weak and penetrable. Your spouse should be able to rely on you and trust that you have a strong marriage, a happy marriage, and a spouse that protects them whether or not they are around.
Protect your marriage, protect your spouse, protect each other’s reputations.
This wise marriage advice was shared with me long ago, and it’s one of the best pieces of advice I ever heard. The less I focus on my spouse’s faults or complain about him, the better I feel about us as a couple. When you complain about your spouse and focus on his faults, or worse, voice them out loud to someone else, you see them in a more negative light, treat them as though you thought less of them, and they respond likewise. If you focus on the positive, it effects how you see them and treat them, they notice, are happier and want to make you happier, you feel even better about them…it’s an upward, positive spiral. If you want a happy marriage, always focus on what is great about your love and if you want to say something about your husband or wife, tell people what you admire, love, and appreciate about them.
Now that the holidays are coming closer, it’s a great time of year to reconnect and work on building an even stronger marriage. How about having a cozy date night together? Doing something to let your husband or wife know how much they mean to you?  src: penelopesoasis

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