Good Morning wishes sms messages

Wish you a heartful good morning

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Morning Coolness,
Rising Sun,
Singing Birds,
Melting Dew,
Along wid dis little heart
Wishing U A Very Glorious Good Morning.

New daynew blessing.Don`t letyesterdays failures
ruin the beautyof today,because each day hasits own promiseof love,joy,forgiveness Gud Mrng

"Your mind is your greatest friend if you control it..
Your mind is your gratest enemy if it controls you"..

Good Morning...

Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does,what one feels,and what one achieves......

Good Morning...
"Prominent Poster in a ` RESTAURANT..

` All our waiters are married.They know how to take orders"

Good Morning.....
Night went.Morning came.All stars were hidden by the lightof the sun.What a surprise still a beautifulstaris reading my msg.!:-)GOOD MORNING
Honesty Is a Very Expensive Gift...

Don`t expect it from cheap people....

.Gud MornInG.

Its morning nine...
Hope u`ll b fine...
Hope u`ll b charming...
Have a gud morning...
Every birth of a child tells that GOD still loves d word..

But every death of a person tells that GOD still rulz the word..

Good Morning..
"Fight with your strenght,not with other`s weakness because true success lies in your efforts not in other`s defeat"

Good Morning...

Love to hear what you think!

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