Best friendship quotes

  1. Friends are of the gods way to take care of us.
  2. Treat your friends as like pictures and place them in the best light.
  3. The roads are never long for friends house.
  4. people will forget what you did, what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
  5. we all take different paths in life but no matter where we go,we take a little of each other where we go.
  6. True friendship is like health and wealth,we will know the value when we are far from it.
  7. A good exercise for heart is to bend and give hand to another one.
  8. The greatest gift is not found anywhere,but in the heart of true friends.
  9. It is easy to be in chains with friends than to be in a garden with friends.
  10. The man can be best described by his friends he choose.

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J A G A N said...

Loved reading this.

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Author said...

Best Friend Quotes

best friend quotes


Anonymous said...

love it it's so sweet it's just what s best friend is for. like whoever came up with it.mwah.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Help that you have done to me Big or Small I always appreciate the help you gave to me so just remember what ever happen to you I’m here for you my BEST-FRIEND…

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I love these quotes , Thanks a Lot